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~*~Tasha~*~:1: I loved this Ariel. This is a kick butt way to start a story, and I can't wait to see where you go with it. This is already shaping up to be a favorite of mine for you.

kim:1: And that nose soooo doesn't work on Eliza! Faith's doesn't quite work on Buffy, but it's not as bad. This was really funny, with Riley insisting that it was Buffy just because of the blonde hair.

Verda:1: Honestly, at first I wasn't going to read this since I hate Faith, but since it was you, thought I'd at least look at it, and I'm happy to say that I'm glad I did. So much fun watching Riley or Angel get kicked to the curb and it was fun. Don't blame her about her nose but she already dyes her hair so no big there. Really like her affection towards Spike. Don't know what brought on the change, but I hope it stay's with her. Looking forward to your next update, thanks Ariel.

maryperk:2:Very cool. Lovely chapter.

Verda :2: This is such a fun fic. Thanks Ariel, Don't suppose she got other of Faith's more obvious atttributes, did she? Nah, Spike would have noticed! Loving that you're still keeping him the same as canon. He loves Buffy and only 100% of Buffy will do, though the tat he might not mind. Thanks for updating, looking forward to more.

stephanie: Faithness: so far it is AMAZING! i can't wait for more... it's one of the funnier ones i've ever read, the funniest being "ghostly inhibitions"

Shelby:*in shock from the awsome-ness of this fic* WOAH , its just so awsome , lol. i love your fics , there amazingly written , i wish i had that kind of talent , lol. nice job ! =]

Shelby:O.MY.GOD !!! this story gets better EVERY time i read it , each new chapter is just awsome , i can't wait to see what you come up with next ! AWSOME , plz plz for the sake of my sanity keep writing , lol.

SpuffyLover_Shelby!: LMAO , i love this story to much i check every other day to see if it's been updated , i love it sooooooo much , i love the WHOLE concept of it , it's just awsome , and funny , and sarcastic ( like me) :P. and it's eventually gonna be spuffy , right? well if it is YAY !!!!!! , lol. again , love it , and keep up the amazing-ness lol.

cereza: Each chapter is so much un! keep them coming :)

lovesthisstory: ilove this story, love the sarcasam and the snarkiness and just everything the storyline is amazing =]. cant wait till its finished im gonna read it all over again when it is lol.

Disc: You have got to update this!! I don't believed I've reviewed for this story at all... despite the many times I've read it.! as i'm sure you are aware: flipping fantastic!

Shelby =] : HEHE i love it . i've read it over and over. plz plz update soon i love this story its amazing . and Question, when will the spuffiness come into it ? again love it ! =]

MarzBar: Another great fic by you and a new prezzie for me.

kw :I feel sorry for Riley

Raven :Ha! That was so cute! I loved it! Can't wait for more!

CutieSaiyajin:I really like this so far! Very cool premise. I really hope there's more soon. :)

Emma: Haha, I love that last line "It's funny shaped, but it's mine." Nice, more please!

cordykitten: I love your new story already :) Poor Buffy lost her hair and her nose? Riley should have noticed the eye color like Spike did. He noticed *ggg*.

cordykitten: Uh plastic surgery? If everything fails she still can do it, that's right. If she is so against her Faith's parts. ROFL Buffy kept Faith's sluttyness too? Then something went major wrong indeed. But for now Buffy seems to enjoy it :) Ah well, now she is running. I guess she didn't like the "R" word. Good that Spike is careful, fearing Buffy's regret. ~ Looking forward to the next part!

Dusty273: Heee! I so love this story. It's so well-written and I love your Buffy with all her Faith quirks. They sure make a very interesting combination. Looking forward to more!

kw: Cute chapter

jen :i love that you gave them both physical and mental aspects of each other! that's great, and buffy flipping riley the bird! wonderful! i can't wait to read more! but, i hopr buffy at least gets her nose back, buffy isn't buffy without her nose, ya know! keep up the great work!

cordykitten: Buffy acting 'faithy'? Can't help me, but it is fun :) Especially the hitting on Spike. You know like seeing oneself doing it and not able to stop *g* Nice goodbye wave towards Riley too ;-)

kw: Interesting bit about how to get their bodies back, look foward her act

cordykitten:Ooooooohhhhh I wonder how that will work / looking forward to see Buffy acting like Faith :)

kw: Good reentry of Faith, although I was confused for a second

cordykitten: Ah yummy Jaffa cake :) I think it's more an European thing because Giles knew it but not Buffy? Faith isn't pleased about the change either but at last willing to help. First I though she would refuse only to anger Buffy. ~ Looking forward to see if their plan will function.

golddrake: great chapter

cordykitten: Heh heh one good thing is at last that Faith isn't so happy to take over Buffy's life :) Buffy chickened out, not really Faith like but there's always plan B (Bronze). Till next part :)

kw: Good chapter

Ally: Oh I like this story so far! please update soon, I can't wait!

Dusty273 Ooh, it seems that acting like Faith, even if it's hurting her and her friends, is working in her favor. I'm enjoying this story so very much. It's so different from any other I've read before. I think the best part is the growing friendship between Spike and Buffy, even with the attraction tinting it, I would've loved to see some of that on the show. Can't wait for more!

cordykitten: Mmmm Spike liked the dancing :) But being so possessive about Buffy he won't like what Buffy has to do. She didn't tell him, otherwise he would have understand I think. Oh my, that went wrong. But it is Xander's own fault / his obsession with what is Buffy. I hope this will help to sorting his relationship out; hopefully he is able to make up again. Because truly? Who wants a man that isn't honest to yourself when he says he loves you and he doesn't like you do? Would mean to only be second best the whole time... With all the heartbreak it brought at last it is working, Buffy begins to change. But she has a lot of repair to do later, thanks to acting like Faith.

cordykitten *grins* Buffy pouting got her have her will *g*. I wonder what Angel will say to this all (Buffy becoming Faith). ~ Faith thinks it feels awkward? Then it's working. Buffy will be glad if they are changed back; Faith too. Author's Response: Thanks for the review! 2007.05.13 Respond Delete mel stupid-ass xander - it's noones fault but his own!!! Author's Response: Exactly 2007.05.13 Respond Delete Lacey Marsters great chapter I can't wait to read the next one Author's Response: Thanks 2007.05.14 Respond Delete secretguest More and more like Faith. Eventually they'll both have complete bodies. What's gonna happen then? Author's Response: Well you'll just have to keep reading! 2007.06.11 Respond Delete cordykitten The chapter was fun. Like first when Cordelia noticed something different on Buffy; Wesley thinking she was Faith and Buffy had a lot to explain. Even if Buffy only tried to make thinks right (more Buffy like) the trip was successful regarding becoming more like Faith :) Author's Response: Thanks for the review! 2007.06.11 Respond Delete Lacey Marsters finally an update!!! Great chapter, I can't wait for the next one. Author's Response: Thanks! 2007.06.12 Respond Delete Dusty273 I'm so happy to read an update of this story! And it was a wonderful one, evil cliffhanger included. ;) I'm looking forward to more of this fantastic story. I'm loving to read Buffy and Faith trying to be the other. Author's Response: Thanks for reading! 2007.10.22 Respond Delete Lacey Marsters Aww man I hate cliffhangers, Please update soon, Author's Response: I'll try 2007.10.23 Respond Delete cordykitten Oh even if Buffy didn't manage to act very Faith like she learned a bit; Faith worked even more for it. Riley has a bad memory (eye color), huh? Oops... Angel noticed that Spike was with Buffy. I almost thought a war would break out now. Maybe it would if that didn't happened to Buffy. I wonder if that's related to the spell. ~ Looking forward to the next chapter. Author's Response: Thanks for the review 2007.10.23 Respond Delete kw great update Author's Response: Thanks 2007.10.23 Respond Delete pheobe luv luv luv this fic. pleaz finish soon. im desperate to read the rest. hope theres more angel and spike arguing and i luv the new faith, Author's Response: Thanks! 2007.12.29 Respond Delete Dusty273 Yay, you updated! I'm so happy to read a new chapter of this fabulous story! Loved that Buffy has finally see the light, okay so she saw her before, but she was all mixed up with Faith then, ;) And that she fooled Riley by saying she was Faith, *giggles* really, the man is beyond clueless. *shakes head* I'm looking forward to finding out what's going to happen now. Author's Response: Thanks! 2008.02.05 Respond Delete Lacey Marsters Great chapter, I can't wait to read the next one. Author's Response: Thanks! 2008.02.06 Respond Delete cordykitten *g* Again Spike noticed the body change better than Riley. Wonders when he'll notice too. Author's Response: Riley is clueless. I like him that way, it's easier to make fun of him then... 2008.02.06 Respond Delete Blackoberst I really do hope we'll be getting more updates soon on this story because It's just brilliant! Author's Response: Thanks, that's so nice of you! 2008.02.08 Respond Delete shelly oooh! excellent! I can;t wait to see how he got her in that car and whats next for him and buffy! Author's Response: Thanks! 2008.02.09 Respond Delete cordykitten Buffy was right to watch out for Spike; she really got to know Riley good, expecting him to kill Spike. Sorry to see this end, this was fun :) Author's Response: Thanks! 2008.04.08 Respond Delete Dusty273 Awwww, such a sweet, wonderful ending to an amazing story! I'm sad there won't be any more updates of this one. Anyway, many thanks for sharing this fabulous story with us! *hugs* Author's Response: Thanks for reading! 2008.04.08 Respond Delete Lacey Marsters Awesome ending! Author's Response: Thank you so much! 2008.04.09 Respond Brittany website: http:// fic-chap: In Pieces/ Chapter 10 comments: I love your story and can't wait to see how it ends. Please,please,please update soon! Perferably, within the next couple of days and weeks or months like you have been. Verda website: http:// fic-chap: In Pieces ch. 9 &10 comments: Really happy to see you're working on this fic again. Nearly made it out of there didn't she? I hate that Anya's not coming back with her, but I really don't blame her here. Why should she? It is Xanders fault. What did Buffy except Spike to do? He's a vampire, right? I'm surprised Angel was still out. I would have loved to see Buffy put a smack down on Cordelia, she's such a bitch. Does this mean Faith and Buffy have switched completely now? Looks like Angel might be able to help her here like he did before. Spike might have to drive home alone. Great to read this again, Ariel, can't wait for more. ~*~Tasha~*~ website: fic-chap: Ch. 10 of In Pieces comments: Excellent chapter, Ariel. I'm so glad to see more of your work again. You are an excellent writer that I enjoy reading and rereading ~*~Tasha~*~ website: fic-chap: Ch 11 of In Pieces comments: Excellent update, Ariel!! Awesome. So they are switched back ... I wonder what will happen next. I wonder how long before she gives Riley the boot bookworm website: http:// fic-chap: In Peices comments: You finished this fic on my birthday, and I've got to say, that it was a hell of a present. Thank you for sharing your talent. Back