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End Before Beginning

By Ariel Dawn

Author’s note: Some dialogue from Lie to Me. Once again, thanks to the wonderful BTL, who beta’d.

Disclaimer: All hail Joss


Chapter 18: Not a little lie

Dawn walked down the dank hallway leading to Angel’s apartment with a smile on her face. She’d decided just how far this was going to go and she was ready to get this over with. She’d gotten over the queasy factor in the car. This was for Buffy’s own good. Besides, it was going to feel great knowing that she fucked up Angel’s unlife, without, you know, fucking him. Bastard.

It was all just to plant a seed in his head, and if she did a good job, she was going to drive Angel away from Buffy.

‘Cause clearly, you couldn’t drive Buffy to anything or anyone. Stubborn brat.

Dawn made quick work of the lock on the door, and entered the basement apartment, closing the door behind her. She tried to be quiet, but with all that great vampire hearing, it was impossible to slip in unnoticed.

“Who’s there?” Angel asked, sleepily.

“Who’s always there?” Dawn said, her voice perfectly matching what Darla’s had once been.

She’d used a good witch. She would definitely have to remember her for future use.

“Who’s always floating around in that head of yours? Who made you?” she asked sweetly, as she roamed around the living room, toughing his things.

“D-Darla?” he stuttered, coming quickly from around the corner that lead to his bed. He locked eyes with Dawn and let his mouth hang open. “How?”

Dawn smiled, though she couldn’t imagine what it looked like with Darla’s face. “How do you know I’m really here?” she asked. “I could be figment of your imagination. Or maybe I’m not even who you think I am. You might have gotten a good knock on the head, and I really could be that cute little cheerleader that you’re hung up on. Wouldn’t it be funny if she was here right now, and trying to get your attention?”

Angel looked around the room, trying to confirm if she were correct. “Buffy’s not here.”

“Pity,” Dawn sighed. “I always thought she’d make the best companion for Penn. He’s sadistic enough to really get to the heart of her.”

“You called Penn here?” Angel asked, worried.

“Now you are assuming that I’m really even here.”

Angel growled and Dawn laughed. She loved playing mind games.

“But then,” Dawn said sweetly, and reaching out a hand to rake her nails against his bare bicep, “maybe your senses aren’t lying to you. Are they?”

There was a pause, as Angel looked her up and down.

“What do you see?” Dawn prodded.


“Your maker, your saviour. You would have wasted your life away raping and drinking until either the law or the pox got you. Dear vile boy. I knew you were special the moment you tried to proposition me in that alley way.”

Angel nodded, swallowing as if he suddenly had a dry mouth.

“What do you hear?”


Dawn smiled. No heartbeat to be heard, masked by the spell.

“Nothing but the potential of screams. What do you smell?”

“Drusilla, sex, Spike, blood,” he answered.

“All good things,” Dawn noted, stepping even closer to him, happy that she‘d noticed the slight tent in this boxers. “I had to go see them first you know. Spike was in such a mood. But Dru… She’s gotten creative since last I saw her. Of course she’s still mad as a hatter, you used to be proud of that little accomplishment.” Dawn tugged at Angel’s chin, forcing him to look into her eyes. “I used to be proud of you.”

In a swift movement, Dawn stepped away, turning her back on him. “And then you dusted me. Naughty boy. I really should have you strung up by your toes and whipped you until my arm got tired. Or so many of the lovely ideas that are popping into my head right now. Remember all that lovely, painful things I used to do to you? You liked it. Or how we’d fuck while you tortured Drusilla, or some hapless human you pick up at a tavern?”

“Nostalgia isn’t going to work here, Darla,” he countered, his voice sounding strained even as he stepped closer to her.

“What will work?” Dawn asked, putting her hand to his cheek.

Roughly, he grabbed her hand and held it away from his face.

“What if I’m only here for a little while? Do you really want to waste it?” Dawn crept her free hand down to the very clear arousal he was sporting, cupping him gently. “What would you rather be doing to me instead?”

“I’m in love with Buffy.”

“No, you’re not,” Dawn said in a whisper, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek. “You only think you are, ‘cause she has a soul, and I don’t. I’m what you’ve always wanted.” She bit him lightly on the cheek instead of kissing him again. “Let the soul have a rest for a moment, let mummy play with her demon boy.”


It was a special kind of icky that Dawn felt at this particular moment, but the work for the night was done. She was going to drink her bottle of Listerine, and was definitely taking a hot, hot shower when she got home.

And then she was going to go find her sweet little college boy, to fuck senseless for at least 24 hours.

This was only part one of the plan, and no matter what part of her body Angel was going to have to touch, this plan was going to work.

The glamour wore off as she stood under the scalding shower, where she couldn’t help but go over just what had gone on at Angel’s apartment.

Convincing him that she was really Darla, not hard. Not hard when you’ve studying the order of Aurelius for centuries, everything on the scourge she could get her hands on. Originally it was for Spike and Spike alone that she was interested, but the interest expanded. She’d even bartered some blood for tapes Wolfram and Hart made of Darla when they did bring her back to life for a short while.

Dawn had left no doubt in Angel’s mind that she was Darla. Furtive caresses, rough play and tying up the vampire while she gave him a hand job was pretty tame in the grand scheme. Next time there would have to be more.

But next time wasn’t going to be for a while. No, she was going play more mind games.


Dawn refrained from going to the school for a few days. Unless Giles wanted her for research type things, she wasn’t going unless she was needed for the time being. She tried to convince herself that it was to give Buffy space, to give Xander space, but really, it was so that she didn’t go postal.

Of course when her mother phoned and asked her to please take Buffy the lunch she forgot to pack that morning, Dawn felt obligated by sisterly affection, and guilt. She found Buffy in the student lounge, after first going to the library, where Giles decided that since she was there, she should stay and help out. Dawn was not a happy camper when she stuck her hand out at her sister, who was sitting on the couch with someone who looked vaguely familiar. She was interrupting a point of silence. Obviously Buffy has said something stupid. It often happened.

“Of course I had no idea what it was about,” Buffy countered whatever her previous statement was, as she reached for the brown bag that Dawn was handing her.

“Who are you?” Dawn asked rudely, breaking the silence to the new boy on the couch.

“Who’s asking?” asked the boy rudely back.

“Oh, this is Dawn,” Buffy countered, “ and she’s leaving.”

“This is the gratitude I get? Figures. I’m Dawn Summers, Buffy’s little sister,” Dawn said with a smile.

“You have a sister?” the boy asked as Dawn walked back to the library with a smile on her face.

She lived to make life difficult for Buffy.


Mom had decided that Dawn needed to move into the house. In fact, it was one of those mom suggestions that you really can’t say no to. She’s tried to convince her mom that she needed her own space, that she was a grown woman, blah blah blah, but really, all that paled in the reality that Dawn looked like she was fourteen, and that Joyce was actually starting to tell people that she had two daughters instead of the one.

So, Dawn decided that she needed help sorting out her room at 1630 Revello Drive, and packing up her stuff at the mansion. She went over to Spike’s warehouse preparing her arguments to cajole him into it.

She arrived in the middle of a Dru episode.

“You sing the sweetest little song. Won’t you sing for me, hmmm? Don’t you love me anymore?” Dru asked a dead bird in a cage.

“And you wonder why we didn’t last more than a year?” Dawn commented coming up from behind the dark haired vamp. “Please Spike?” Dawn whined. “I’ll get you beer, and hot wings! You’ll get to see my mom again?”

“Still handy with that axe is she?” Spike asked.

“Come on,” Dru whistled, ignoring what was going on around her. “I’ll pout if you don’t sing.”

“Not going to happen, Bit. It’s too soon. It’s too…I don’t want to crowd.”

“But you are my friend, and I can have my friends over if it’s my house. Plus I need the help moving stuff.”

“You can hire movers.”

“I’ll give you a seed if you sing,” Dru cooed to the bird.

Finally, even Spike couldn’t take Dru’s craziness. “The bird’s dead, Dru. You left it in a cage, and you didn’t feed it, and now it’s all dead, just like the last one.”

Dawn rolled her eyes, knowing exactly what Dru’s reaction was going to be. Dawn stepped closer to her and wrapped her up in her arms.

“Oh I’m sorry, pet,” Spike calmed his sire, stepping closer to the pair. “I’m a bad rude man. Would you like a new bird? One that’s not dead?” Spike hugged both of his girls.

“This is so cool!” came a voice. The trio turned and Dawn saw the boy that Buffy had been talking to a few days ago. “I would totally live here.”

Spike growled a little and then started shouting. “Do I have anyone on watch here?” It’s called security people. Are you all asleep?” Spike let his girls go and started walking towards the intruder. “Or did we finally find a restaurant that delivers?”

Dawn scowled at the boy, unsure why he was here, and hoping that he’d recognise her.

“I know who you are,” the boy said, addressing Spike. He didn’t even look in Dawn’s direction.

“Yeah, I know who I am too. So what?” Spike responded.

“I came looking for you, Spike. You are Spike, right? William the Bloody?”

“You’ve got a real death wish, it’s almost interesting.”

“Spike…” Dawn warned letting Dru go. The boy’s eyes flitted to Dawn for a brief second, his face perplexed for a moment.

“So how did you find me?” Spike asked, walking ever closer to the boy.

“That doesn’t matter. I’ve got something to offer you. I’m pretty sure this is the part where you take out a watch and say I’ve got thirty second to convince you not to kill me?” the boy said smiling. “It’s traditional.”

Dawn almost laughed. But no matter what this idiot said, there was no way that Spike could kill him. It would set Spike back in Buffy’s eyes. No, this boy wasn’t going to die here and now.

“Well, I don’t go much for tradition,” Spike finally answered. He stepped forward and lifted the boy up by the ear.

“Wait, love,” Drusilla said, sounding very sane. She walked past Dawn and put her hand on Spike’s shoulder. Eventually, Spike let the boy go.

“Well?” Spike prodded, waiting for him to continue.

“Oh, come on! Say it! It’s no fun if you don’t say it.”

Dawn groaned and turned her back on the idiot.

“What?” Spike asked, forgetting what he’d been asked to do. He rolled his eyes. “You’ve got thirty seconds to convince me not to kill you.”

“Yes!” the boy responded. “See this is the best! I wanna be like you. A vampire.”

Dawn snorted. “You want to be a vampire?” she said aloud.

“I’ve known you for two mintues, and I cant’ stand you. I don’t really feature you living forever.” He then turned to Dawn and Dru. “Can I eat him now?”

The two girls shook their heads at once. Dawn more emphatically. “You can’t kill him, Spike…”

“Well, feature this: I’m offering you a trade. You make me a vampire, and I give you the slayer.”

Dawn couldn’t help it. She broke out laughing. “You’re going to give him the slayer. I thought you were just stupid, but you clearly don’t get it.”

“It’ll make it so much easier when I tell her that William the Bloody’s turned her sister,” the boy responded.

“Except I’m not a vampire, you peon!” Dawn yelled. “Good grief, at least tie him up, before he starts getting stupider.”

“Yes,” cooed Dru. “We can have fun games with the sick little boy.”

“Sick?” Dawn asked.